Thursday, June 26, 2014

Goblins Gonna Git Ya!!

The earliest Halloween I can remember was at the age of 5.  It was my kindergarten year and my mother made my gypsy costume and draped me in long necklaces and bracelets galore!  In those days, most people made their costumes from whatever was on hand at the time although the store bought masks and costumes were beginning to become pretty popular. 

I was so excited because the school was hosting a huge outdoor Halloween party on the school grounds on Halloween afternoon, and each of the grades got to have their own little parade. There were treats for everyone and games to play.  After the party was over everyone went to their respective school buses to be taken home and to anxiously await sundown so that the night's trick or treating could begin!

I got very lost in the crowds and missed my bus ride home.  Being a rather intrepid child, I started walking home.  I don't recall why but I decided to take what I thought would be a shortcut through several fields on the way home.  It turned out not to be such a great shortcut because the fields were rutted with rows and stalks of mowed-down hay and corn.  I kept tripping in my long skirts, and getting caught on the stalk stumps!  Added to this was a sun getting lower and lower in the sky, casting long dark shadows and bringing creepy feelings.  I walked faster and faster, constantly looking over my shoulder for that scarecrow or goblin that I was sure was going to reach out and grab me. 

I came home to a frantic mother who was about ready to call the police.  After all, I was only 5 years old.  After explaining my adventure to my mother, my biggest concern was that she would be upset with me and would not let me go trick or treating that night.  I did get to go that night, in all my gypsy splendor, had a great time and brought home a sack full of candy!


  1. Fabulous story! It brought me back to those days. Your costume sounds amazing. And what an adventure!

    Thoroughly enjoyable read!

  2. Certainly a never forget moment, scary and fun together! Glad you got home OK and got to trick or treat!


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