Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Salutations and welcome to the blog of 
Halloween Artist Bazaar!

Who is Halloween Artist Bazaar?
 We are Autumn people. The folk of Halloween, artists who create in the vein of Halloween, fantasy, Samhain, the macabre and fairy tales are what we are.

We come from the October country of fallen leaves, abandoned graveyards and dark wooded paths. We keep the company of black cats, witches in pointed hats and monsters from under the bed.  We consort with apparitions. Dance with pumpkin men and enjoy conversations with owls. We give them life through our hands into our works, whether from a painted brush or beaded string we keep alive the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween Artist Bazaar is more than an artist group. It is an idea. It's the principal that the tradition of Halloween is passed on to the generations through the expression of art and imagery. It is the notion that handmade original art and its makers be celebrated.

Here you will find what’s new on the Halloween Artist Bazaar catalog, what our members are working on and all things from the realm of Halloween.  We hope you will enjoy what you find as we keep a Jack `o  lantern lit in the name of Halloween.

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