Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Love of Halloween

It is such a simple memory one most likely repeated by many of you reading this, my first blog entry anywhere ever, right now.  We were a mob of girls, all best friends from elementary school in Los Angeles, California.  This was many years ago and we wore bobby socks and hard shoes along with our Halloween costumes of Hobo's, clowns, and princesses.  A couple of parents came along, trailing behind.  Mid-block was an old Victorian house with a large front porch and large picture windows.  The lights were on, bright and inviting.  Our group took up most of that porch, our bags were ready and open, one of us rang the door bell.  Slowly the door opened and to our surprise and ultimate horror a brightly back lit gorilla appeared with a snarl and a growl.  We, silly little girls, screamed, turned and as one made a mad dash off of that large porch.  None dared look or turn back.  To this day I have never heard a gorilla laugh so hard.

From that moment on, oh, how I loved Halloween.


  1. Wonderful memory Janis! Oh to go back to the days of discovering the love of Halloween...

  2. Great memory! Would loved to have seen that Gorilla!


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