Saturday, June 21, 2014

To Control a Doodle...

Not really. There actually isn't any way to control a Doodle. They just happen. Whenever and wherever they like. Usually all over the place. In example:

My Brain on Doodles

My Brain Not on Doodles

Eeeek. This is supposed to be where I keep track of bills and other ordinary what-nots. 

Sometimes the Doodle turns out like this and they are titled "Apple Sauce."

And sometimes the Doodle turns out like this and they have no title at all.

If I'm not indulging in Doodling, I'm Scribbling. Just as important, by the way. One cannot control the Scribble, either, but that is a tale for another day. 'Tis a strange world I live in. But someone needs to keep an eye (or two) on it and I figure it might as well be me. Since I'm already here and all.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^

I stumbled upon this most excellent group of artists...Halloween Artist Bazaar. Not only is everyone here talented and unique, they are wonderfully accepting. Could be they're all weirdos, as well. Nice.

Please check out the work of these amazing artists

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^


  1. LOL at that picture of your brain on doodles. Crazy isn't it? Love your doodles. Your work makes me smile!

    1. Yep, it's crazy all right!

      Always glad to hear to hear I've brought you a smile. Thanks, Twisted!


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